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Desiree Wright

Have you ever heard the song by Lonestar “Not a day goes by.” Every time I hear that song I cry, because that is exactly how I feel about my first love Desiree Wright. We both loved each other very much, & had plans to someday get married. She went to Pascagoula High School in ’94. She lived at 1421 Hastings, Gautier, MS 39553 & 7301 Pineview Dr., Gautier, MS 39553. I don’t have her date of birth but I believe her to be somewhere between 25-27 years old. I believe her son to be about 12 years old or so, and I am not sure who the father is. I have tried everything I can think of to find he. The only thing I can do is not give up, pray that one day I will be reunited with her again, and beg you to help me. Please if there is any way you can find her, and help me answer all the questions that I have: is she still alive, am I the father of her child, is she ok, is her child ok, does she still feel the same way she did about me then, and many more; then I beg you to please help me! I am going to share with you the last contact that I had with her a letter, but then she moved with no forwarding address.
Hey! How are you? I'm fine, I guess. I just can't stop thinking of you. I know it's been a very long time since we've talked to each other, and that you probably have a new girlfriend, and forgot about me, but I know I'll hate myself if I never let you know how I feel. I really miss you! I can't stop thinking of you, no matter how hard I try to stop. I know I still love you, or else I wouldn't keep thinking of you, and wondering what you are doing and if you're thinking of me. And I wouldn't dream about you at night, and think of how we used to be. I need you, and I want you back. I love you Frankie! I know you probably have a girlfriend and could care less about me, but deep down inside I believe you still care about me. (Maybe it's because I want you back so bad) I also know that you never wanted children, and I have a 2-month-old son, so you might now want to hear from me again. After you left me, I did a lot of stupid things. When you left me my life turned into a living HELL! You may not care for me anymore, but I would like to know how you feel. And I would really like to see you again. If you want to see me write me back and I'll give you the directions to my house, if not you'll never hear from me again, I promise. Just let me know.
Please help me with one small miracle of find her, so I can at least know how she is doing, so we can both be a part of each other’s lives again.
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